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Show your Gratitude with the Best Cookies & Sweets!
Say "Thank you" - deliciously! Lady Di's Cookies & Sweets' freshly-crafted collection of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, caramel apples, chocolate-dipped strawberries, hand-scooped ice cream cones, gluten-free cupcakes, gluten-free cookies and coffees make it easy to show your gratitude. Each treat is free of preservatives and is made from natural ingredients like pure dark chocolate, creamery butter, whole oats and dark-brown sugar. For over 20 years we've baked each bite fresh, every day, on site! Choose from our wide selection available in our two Santa Clarita, California shops - or send a beautiful custom gift basket or Monthly Cookie Club surprise to friends, family and business connections. We deliver smiles on time and all over the United States! We believe in giving thanks daily - and we can't wait for the opportunity to show our gratitude to YOU! Click here to order or call us now for the sweetest service! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We stand behind our great customer service and exceptional treats!